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New Features!

This isn't just a blog about personal finance, it's also a blog about Witsi the software product! We have a new Overview feature that will show you a top down view of all your accounts together.


This will help you keep on top of your debt percentage and really allow you to take control of your credit and get those sweet rewards. The key to churning credit card rewards is to remember one thing -- It All Adds Up!

We've also added support for Sign Up Bonuses, or what we call Minimum Spend Rewards. You should see those reward programs added to your accounts in the coming days.

We're working on new features every single day! Make sure to subscribe to this blog to keep up with what we're doing to help you get the most out of your credit!

Tommy Walsh

Tommy Walsh

Software Architect, Engineer, Blogger at https://Thwiv.io and https://Thwiv.com, Buyer of Internet Stuff, Owner of some cute dogs, and Founder of https://Witsi.co

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