Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Witsi?

Witsi is a tool that analyzes your credit card transaction data to try to find which account you should use for which purchases. It does this by giving a score to each transaction you made, then scoring that transaction against the other cards you could have used, and then ranking the choices.

Why Is It Called Witsi?

It's a play on "Which C", or "Which Card?". We're here to help you pick a credit card for a purchase.

How Do I Use It?

First, create an account from the home page, then once you're in, click on the big + sign, find your bank, and type in the username and password you use for your online banking. Witsi will then start syncing and analyzing automatically. It takes some time for Witsi to read in your previous transactions (We go back 1 month), but once this is done we keep up to date with all future transactions.

I Don't Want To Give You My Login Info, Is This Secure?

Good News! Witsi actually never sees your login information.
Witsi is built using the Plaid API. Plaid offers a partnership with 1000's of banks to provide a secure way to handle transaction data. Your login information is sent to your bank, and then Witsi is provided a Token that gives it read-only access to transaction information. We will never perform any action inside your bank account, because quite frankly, it's not possible for us to do that.

Witsi is built with security in mind. We encrypt all data at rest using industry standard techniques. Your personal information is kept secure and encrypted at all times.

Witsi Says My Card Doesn't Have Any Rewards. What Gives?

There are thousands of different banks, each with their own set of rewards cards, leading to there being a large amount of information that we haven't yet got into our system. We've started with the most popular banks and reward programs, and are adding new programs every day; you may see the programs get updated from time to time as things get entered.
Some rewards programs are also targetted, meaning they aren't publicly available, and so our Witsi team hasn't had the chance to input the details.
That being said, Witsi does give you the ability to add a custom reward program to any account! If you don't want to wait around for us, this is a great option, and will help the entire program in the long run as we grow.

Where Are You Located?

Austin, Texas.

How Can I Get In Contact With You? You Seem Nice.

You can check out our Twitter and Facebook links in the footer of every page. You can also email us at We are nice! You can talk to us.