Launch Day

Today is the day we've been working for months to achieve. Today is the day we let everyone in, and show off what we think is an innovative way to think about spending. It's's birthday! Let's celebrate!

It's hard to define what this means to us. As you probably can tell, we're a small team that has just worked our asses off to get together what is essentially version 0.01 of the product we want to serve up. I'm at odds with myself: I have to be both engineer and CEO. The engineer side of me wants to take another 6 months and add 50 more features so that I can WOW you; The other side of me has read enough books to know that I have no idea if my product is even good until all of you see it.

Getting this out in front of people like you is a super important step, but it's not like I get to go on vacation now. We have so much more work to do to get you the features that we think you want. And now we have to listen to you too! By all probabilities some of you have better ideas for what we should be building than I do. But that makes it harder! Doing whatever you want is way easier than listening to your customers, honestly.

Don't get me wrong: I'm happy with what's here. I think we have a great start to a great product, and I think you'll really like using it. We're going to help you get money back from giant corporations! How cool is that?

Tommy Walsh

Tommy Walsh

Software Architect, Engineer, Blogger at and, Buyer of Internet Stuff, Owner of some cute dogs, and Founder of

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