Who We Are

Hi I'm Tommy Walsh. I'm a software engineer, blogger, soon to be husband to a beautiful wife, buyer of random stuff, and guy who really likes looking at numbers going up. I created Witsi.

I've been interested in a hobby called churning, or signing up for lots of credit cards for only their rewards programs, and using those to pay for trips, or reward prizes, or even just extra cash. Unfortunately, I also found that I was never very good at it -- it requires a lot of research, and then remembering which rewards each of your cards are good for, and what the limit on the rewards are. It can be pretty intense.

So, after finding the Plaid API on an search around the internet, I started brainstorming on how I could use such a cool piece of technology. What if I could make churning second nature? What if I could get a scorecard for my purchases every day, so I could know how to correct my mistakes? How much money could I get back? And so I started building.

I partnered up with my little brother, got the site up and running, and started using it. And now, I'm just hoping that you'll use it too. I want to make yor life better. I want you to go on free vacations! We can do this together.